For many years, Lussive Media provides audio masters for several (inter)national labels.
Do you have your own label and are you looking for a flexible audio mastering partner? Contact us for examples and bulk pricing.
Are you a producer and do you want to have your track(s) sound professional, before you have them played or sent to a label? Let us know Lussive Media providers audio masters in various EDM genres such as, Hardstyle, Trance, Techno, House and Hardcore.



We master music digitally, with plugins from amongst others: FabFilter, Universal Audio (UAD2) and TC Electronic (PowerCore). The advantage of a digital mastering studio, is that a master can be easily edited and changed. Therefore the sound can become exactly the way you want.
If requested, Lussive Media can use analog tape simulation plugins, with which we can get that analog feel to the sound.

It’s up to you to decide how loud you want your master. We can provide both very loud (high RMS) and dynamic masters. Send us a reference track that you like! Then we’ll make sure the sound characteristics match.
Of course everything depends on the quality of the mixdown / mixing. We can also improve the mix of your track. Contact us for questions and requests.

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